Dramawalker - Centro Dramático Nacional %



Dramawalker is a project based on geolocalised sound fictions developed by #Dramático in collaboration with other national and international institutions.

The stories told by the residents of different neighbourhoods serve as a starting point for the creative process. A walk during which we will listen through sound fictions, performed by playwrights and local actors, to neighbourhood stories in the places where they actually took place. Beyond the official history of neighbourhoods, Dramawalker aims to construct an intrahistory created by the residents themselves, strengthening their emotional and identity ties and introducing other citizens to a new map of experiences to be discovered. Great stories exist in everyday life, close to us, in town squares, bars and the people we meet in the street. This experience stems from the performing arts and, in particular, from the tradition of radio theatre and community and participatory theatre. With DRAMAWALKER, Dramático steps outside the theatre in search of the urban memory of our cities and communities.