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Writing the scene

Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini Aimed at: Playwriting, Direction and Performance for Dramático Professionals

16-19 JANUARY 2023 from 10 am to 2 pm Full details of the workshop will be sent by email when the registration period opens and only to Dramático Professionals related to the professional profile of the workshop, in this case, playwriting, direction and performance.



A workshop for theatre professionals designed to stimulate writing that is born and articulated on stage. Without forgetting the planning—intuitions arising elsewhere—with the help of Italian creators Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini, we will view the stage as a blank page to be written with the body, words and things.


Daria Deflorian

Daria Deflorian

Actress, writer and director. She has collaborated on projects with Antonio Tagliarini since 2008. Their shows have won several awards, including the 2014 Ubu Award for Best Text, the 2019 Riccione Award for Playwriting and the 2021 Hystrio Award for Playwriting.  

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Antonio Tagliarini

Antonio Tagliarini

Dancer, actor, writer, director and choreographer.

His first love, and consequently his training, is the performing arts and contemporary dance, which have a profound effect on his relationship with stage art. It wasn’t until later that he began to study and gain in-depth knowledge of more strictly theatrical art.

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He is the author and performer of several shows and performances that he has presented at many Italian and international festivals (Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Great Britain, Brazil). These notable include: Freezy (2003), provisional title: Untitled (2005) and Show (2007) that won the first prize at the BE Festival in Birmingham in 2014.

He has had some major encounters with choreographers: with Miguel Pereira he created Antonio Miguel (2000), Corpo de Baile (2005), Antonio y Miguel (2010); with Idoia Zabaleta he created Royal Dance (2009); with Ambra Senatore The Eighth Day (2008) and Bis (2012).

With Jaime Conde Salazar and Filipe Viegas he began a research project, TODOS-CUERPOS (2014), which has produced several performances in public spaces, including ¿Me ves? (2014) and the show Todos (2015 Culturgest Lisbon).

He was invited to take part in several international art projects: APAP 2007, Sites of immagination 2008 and Pointe to Point Asia-Europe Dance Forum 2009.