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Obra infinita

Los Bárbaros


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Product details Price: 10 euros · No. pages: 69 · Collection: New Collection No. in the collection: 22 · Language: Spanish – Binding: paperback ISBN: 978-84-9041-469-9 · Year of publication: March 2023 · Place of publication: Madrid, Spain




Obra infinita is a stolen title, but we changed it a little so that it wasn’t so obvious. The nature of infinite texts lies in folk tales being humanity’s attempt to give itself with a versatile and unlimited narrative model that is connected to the most radical concerns of humans and society.



Los Bárbaros

Los Bárbaros

Los Bárbaros is a project by Javier Hernando and Miguel Rojo questioning, from various perspectives, concepts around contemporary society, power and the way in which we relate to each other, working between reality and fiction. They have created a corpus of works tackling the same issue through the stage, visual arts and literature. They like humour, imagination, memory and invisible things.

View more Their work has been performed in spaces such as La Casa Encendida, Azkuna Zentroa, CIAV-Naves Matadero, Teatros del Canal, Teatro de La Abadía, and CCC-Conde Duque. They attempt to create spaces where we can meet, reflect on, and question the contemporary world.

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