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Los brutos

Roberto Martín Maiztegui


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Price: 10 euros · No. pages: 114 · Collection: Dramatic Residencies Collection number: 6 · Language: Spanish · Binding: paperback ISBN: 978-84-9041-455-2 · Date of publication: October 2022 · Place of publication: Madrid, Spain

Text written as part of the National Dramatic Centre’s Dramatic Residencies programme during the 2021-2022 season

Violent, rough, lacking in consideration and civility: this is the definition of “bruto” given by the Real Academia Española. And this is Nito’s world: the neighbourhood where he lives, the people around him. For this reason, entering film school and discovering writing as a vocation are, for him, a transition towards another life: artistic, prestigious, sophisticated.

This is the story of that transit and of what Nito loses along the way: his best friend, his girlfriend, his family. Writing is, at the same time, what causes loss and what relieves it; thanks to writing, Nito can keep everything alive, albeit in fiction.

Los brutos is not a story, but an accumulation of stories, an array of fictions. Some seem to be memories, others to be dreams, others inventions. They all have the same purpose: to look for the exceptional in reality and protect it from the passage of time, prevent it from disappearing.



Roberto Martín Maiztegui

Roberto Martín Maiztegui

(Madrid, 1986) Together with Pablo Remón, he co-wrote Sueños y visiones de Rodrigo Rato, which premiered at the Pavón Teatro Kamikaze and won the SGAE Jardiel Poncela National Theatre Award. He also participated in the Dramawalker Cañada Real project at Centro Dramático Nacional with the play Las liebres. He is currently working on a new play called El porvenir.

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Together with Borja Soler, he co-created La Ruta, a series produced by Caballo Films, soon to be released on ATRESplayer. He has also worked as a scriptwriter for production companies such as The Good Mood and Kubik Films.

His work includes feature films such as Siete Picos, which won the Community of Madrid Best Feature Film Project Award, and he wrote and directed the short film Sushi, which was shortlisted for the Goya Awards and received awards at several festivals.

He teaches at ECAM (where he also obtained a degree in screenwriting) and in the Master’s Degree in Screenwriting at Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).

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