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Las catástrofes que verán los chavales de la plaza

Adrián Perea


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Price: 10 euros · No. pages: 119 · Collection: Dramatic Residencies Title number: 8 · Language: Spanish · Binding: paperback ISBN: 978-84-9041-457-6 · Date of publication: October 2022 · Place of publication: Madrid, Spain


Text written as part of the National Dramatic Centre’s Dramatic Residencies programme during the 2021-2022 season

An exceptionally heavy snowfall forces Barbara to give birth trapped in a bar where they serve squid. A wave of extreme heat alarms a group of young people working in the street. The flooding of a town puts an end to Richard and Ana’s plans to run away. A fire in Moscow destroys the city and the friendship between three girls. A chemical threat will force Alex and Malena to make the most difficult decision in their lives, as they contemplate what may be the end of the world. Five catastrophes. Five cities. Five genres. Five stories emanating from a changing world in which a series of young people will have to face not only an uncertain future but all its consequences.



Adrián Perea

Adrián Perea

(Madrid, 1997) Holds a Degree in Dramaturgy and Stage Management from the Royal Higher College of Performing Arts (RESAD) and a Master’s Degree in Film and Television Screenwriting from Carlos III University in Madrid.

He premiered his first play Buenas chuches y buena suerte (NueveNorte) in 2018 before going on to produce works such as La bella Aurora PUF (Nave73), Los Nomeolvides (RESAD) and Hasta Palomares (NueveNorte).

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In 2021, he premiered his two latest pieces with the Mudanzas López company: Ahora que nos dejan hablar (Corral de Comedias de Alcalá) and Los chicos de Baker-Miller (Festival Surge, Sala Mirador). In 2021 he won the 31st Calamonte Youth Contest (XXXI Certamen Calamonte Joven) for El reino de los cualquiera.He also won the 28th edition of the Calamonte Youth Contest in 2018 for El leñador y la extranjera. In 2020, he was awarded one of the Community of Madrid’s Creativity Grants for his first film script Una y otra vez.

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