How to ruin a good job with a good poster - Centro Dramático Nacional

How to ruin a good job with a good poster

Equipo SOPA Aimed at: Cultural Management of Dramático Professionals

22-25 NOV 2022 from 10 am to 2 pm Full details of the workshop will be sent by email when the registration period opens and only to Dramático Professionals related to the professional profile of the workshop, in this case, performance.



This workshop is aimed at anyone whose work may have been hampered or enhanced by a good or bad poster, often without realising it.

Equipo SOPA is the small team behind the creative universe of #Dramático and the diverse posters produced for the wide-ranging plays performed in its theatres. The team has also worked on series and films such as Arde Madrid by Paco León, La peste by Alberto Rodríguez, Vida perfecta by Leticia Dolera, Tiempo después by Cuerda and La fortuna by Amenábar.

In this workshop, the team will go in-depth into how they think about and create posters, including the different issues and challenges involved, and reveal some of the keys that can make or break a good play with a seemingly good poster.