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Issue 4 #DramaturgiasEspañolasContemporáneas

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DRAMÁTICA magazine comes out every six months, and seeks to broaden the range of themes treated in the performing arts, opening up the theatrical discourse to other fields of knowledge such as philosophy, architecture, politics, science and art. The aim is to open a forum of thought – from and towards the stage – anchored in the present of our ever-changing reality.


When the twentieth century came to an end, gloomy predictions on the state of theatre in Spain abounded and the phrase “the best playwright is a dead playwright” was on the theatre set’s lips. Spain had forgotten all the playwrights who had survived censorship under the Franco regime, and had given themselves over to the winds of the European aesthetic. The god of the stage was – generally speaking – a director, and a man. But in the first two decades of the twenty-first century, a miracle occurred. And today, we can say that we are experiencing an extraordinary dramatic explosion, in all the official languages of peninsular Spain. A golden age, in which male and female playwrights of different generations and different poetics coexist; from the most traditional to the most groundbreaking. This issue of DRAMÁTICA aims to bring this creative brilliance together – in as broad and egalitarian a sense as possible – with over one hundred dramaturgs of every type reflecting on the vitality of contemporary Spanish theatre.

IN THIS ISSUE: A Panadaría, Carolina África, Jorge Aznar, Paco Bezerra, Lola Blasco, Eusebio Calonge, Lucía Carballal, Colectivo VVAA, Alberto Conejero, Óscar Cornago, Denise Despeyroux, Esther F. Carrodeguas, María Goiricelaya, Íñigo Guardamino, Guillermo Heras, Javier Hernando, Andrea Jiménez, La Tristura, Roberto Martín, Jara Martínez, Juan Mayorga, Pablo Messiez, Lucía Miranda, José Manuel Mora, José Padilla, Aurora Parrilla, Itziar Pascual, Adrián Perea, QYBazo, Daniel Ramírez, Pablo Remón, Nieves Rodríguez, Antonio Rojano, Cristina Rojas, Víctor Sánchez, José Sanchís Sinisterra, Alfredo Sanzol, José Troncoso, Aina Tur, Ana Vallés, María Velasco, Xron and Joan Yago.