DRAMÁTICA, Issue 3 - Centro Dramático Nacional


Performing arts and contemporary thought magazine

Issue 3 #Autoficción

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DRAMÁTICA magazine comes out every six months, and seeks to broaden the range of themes treated in the performing arts, opening up the theatrical discourse to other fields of knowledge such as philosophy, architecture, politics, science and art. The aim is to open a forum of thought – from and towards the stage – anchored in the present of our ever-changing reality.


There were no mirrors in the mythical times of Narcissus, but that didn’t stop the beautiful young man from drowning as he obsessively chased his own reflection. Knowing how to tell others about our reflection is also an art: the art of telling, based on our selves, in whatever form. But the notion of art as reflection, democratised by the presence of mirrors in every home, is more recent. It was perhaps just 150 years ago that the reflection began to give us back the chance to represent ourselves, to create the subjectivity of ourselves by becoming aware of others’ differences. Mirror and photography, mirror and cinema, mirror and literature, mirror and theatre, psychoanalysis and the beloved diary, autobiography and autofiction… Autofiction: were they always there, like the reflection, waiting for us?

IN THIS ISSUE: Carolina África, Nao Albet, Paula Anta, Sergio Blanco, Sergio C. Fanjul, Silvia Calderoni, Ana Casas, Nicolás Combarro, El conde de Torrefiel, Elizabeth Duval, Mohamed El Khatib, Pablo Fidalgo, Pedro G. Romero, Alberto García-Alix, Paola Granato, Les Impuxibles, Rocío Molina, Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Marina Otero, Mariella Popolla, Pascal Rambert, María Rodríguez Soto, Edurne Rubio, Alfredo Sanzol, Rafael Spregelburd, Abdellah Taïa, Vivi Tellas, Emilio Tomé, María Velasco, Álvaro Vicente, Rosario Villajos and Quan Zhou.