DRAMÁTICA, Issue 2 - Centro Dramático Nacional


Performing arts and contemporary thought magazine

Number 2 #TeatroYPolítica

Price 12 euros

You can purchase DRAMÁTICA magazine before and after performances at Teatro María Guerrero and Teatro Valle-Inclán Or buy it at any of these BOOKSHOPS.


DRAMÁTICA magazine comes out every six months, and seeks to broaden the range of themes treated in the performing arts, opening up the theatrical discourse to other fields of knowledge such as philosophy, architecture, politics, science and art. The aim is to open a forum of thought – from and towards the stage – anchored in the present of our ever-changing reality.


“It is not possible to do theatre without doing politics”, wrote Juan Mayorga. Similarly, the full scope of artistic creation is not possible without its implicit political dimension. And going further still, the design and layout of the spaces we inhabit – privately and publicly – exudes the political. If the personal is political, everything is political – even the denial of the political. Even silence is political. And political art stands up against the silence and the turbulent times we are living: to tell, to think, to sublimate, to confront them more with language as a tool than with absurdity as a weapon, appealing to hope rather than invoking barbarism.

IN THIS ISSUE: Guillermo Abril, Silvia Albert Sopale, Natalia Álvarez Simó, Simin Amirian, Joan Arqué, Julián Boal, Almudena Carracedo, Manuel Delgado, María Delgado, Esther F.  Carrodeguas, Tony Fisher, María Folguera, Pilar G. Almansa, Marta García Miranda, Pablo Gisbert, Andrea Greppi, Maral Kekejian, Mercedes L. Caballero, Shaday Larios, Angélica Liddell, Florian Malzacher, Cristina Morales, Olivier Neveux, Caroline Nguyen, Fefa Noia, Thomas Ostermeier, Pamela Palenciano, Milo Rau, Pablo Remón, Olga Rodríguez, María San Miguel, Emilio Silva, Teresa Turiera-Puigbò and Álvaro Vicente.