Nuevos Dramáticos 2020-2021 - Centro Dramático Nacional

Nuevos Dramáticos 2020-2021

What age do we become dramatists?

This project places children aged 8 – 11 at the centre of the creative process.

Several schools are taking part, plus the children of our theatre staff, creating a group of Nuevos Dramáticos (New Dramatists).

The schools participating are CEIP Isabel La Católica, Legado Crespo, Nuestra Señora de La Paloma, Pradolongo and República de Venezuela.

Boys and girls will be trained and researched together with renowned performing arts professionals, ultimately creating a play to be taken to the stage.

The artistic team behind the production will be made up of professionals and the children in the group, who will be able to work on the project in their chosen capacity (directing, acting, set design, lighting design, audiovisual, costume design, etc.).

This first edition of Nuevos Dramáticos will see Lucía Miranda as coordinator, Jordi Casanovas as dramaturg, and Dan Jemmett as director .

The production will be part of the 2021-2022 Dramático season.

Welcome to the participants of the first edition of Nuevos Dramáticos.

Nuevos Dramáticos: visit to Valle-Inclán Theatre


One of the first activities was a guided tour of Valle-Inclán Theatre. Colleagues from different areas all got involved with the visit with valuable outcomes – see the results in this fun video and these stories written by the children.

Nuevos Dramáticos: session with parents

The children in the Nuevos Dramáticos project invited their parents to share one of their Monday sessions at Teatro Valle-Inclán.

Coordination, dramaturgy and direction

Jordi Casanovas (Dramaturg)

Jordi Casanovas (Dramaturg)

Dramaturg, theatre director and theatre producer.

With an eclectic background in training combining in telecommunications engineering studies and a degree in Fine Arts, and self-taught training in the field of theatre.

He has written more than forty theatrical texts, including: Sopar amb Batalla, 2020, Alguns dies d’ahir, 2020, Gazoline, 2019, Valenciana, 2019, Jauría, 2019, Mala broma, 2018, Idiota, 2015, Vilafranca, 2015, Ruz-Bárcenas, 2014, Una història catalana, 2013, Un hombre con gafas de pasta, 2010.

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Winner of the Ciudad de Valencia Award for Estralls, the Ciudad de Alcoy Award 2005 for Beckenbauer, the Marqués de Bradomín Award 2005 for Andorra and José Robrenyo 2002 for Las mejores ocasiones. Butaca Award for best theatrical text 2009 for La Revolución. Time Out Award for best work of 2011 for Un hombre con gafas de pasta. Butaca Award for best theatrical text 2011 for Una Historia Catalana.Ciudad de Barcelona 2012 Theatre Award for Patria.Butaca Award for best theatrical text 2015 for Vilafranca.2020 Max Award for best adaptation and best performance for Jauría.
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Dan Jemmet (Director)

Dan Jemmet (Director)

Co-founder of London’s Primitive Science theatre collective in the ’90s, whose works include Imperfect Librarian, which premiered at the Young Vic Theatre, and Hunger, performed at the Purcell Rooms. In 1998 he moved to Paris. Director in shows at the Theatre de la Ville (Shake, Dogface, Women Beware Women, The Little Match Girl), Les Bouffes du Nord (The Comedie of Errors, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid) and La Comédie Francaise (Les Precieuses Ridicules, Hamlet, La Grande Magie).

He has also worked at Warsaw’s Polski Theatre (The Tempest, Twelfth Night, Tis Pity She’s a Whore), Montevideo’s Comedia Nacional (Othello, Mother Courage), and Madrid’s Teatro de La Abadía (El burlador de Seville, El Café, Nekrasov). He recently worked as director on Ira by Julián Ortega, due to premiere in March 2021.

Lucía Miranda (Coordinator)

Lucía Miranda (Coordinator)

Stage director, dramaturg and art educator, she founded the Cross Border Project. Winnner of the RNE Theatre Ojo Crítico Award in 2018, and José Luis Alonso Jóvenes Directores Award from the ADE in 2013, among others. Her works have been performed in New York’s Thalia Theatre, Equador’s Teatro Sánchez Aguilar, FIBA in Argentina, the Microtheater Miami and the CDN. She is a member of the Lincoln Center Director’s Lab.