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Esther F. Carrodeaguas


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Product details Price: 10 euros · No. pages: 122 · Collection: New Collection No. in the collection: 24 · Language: Spanish – Binding: paperback ISBN: 978-84-9041-458-3 · Year of publication: April 2023 · Place of publication: Madrid, Spain




Supernormals is a comic play that confronts us with our own prejudices around a group of functionally diverse people within a neoliberal and patriarchal society that is utterly ableist, in which the bodies, realities, needs and lives of people who are unable to keep pace with social expectations of productiveness, and who have no choice but to see how almost everyone passes them by.

Along the way, most of these people have [historically] been denied the experience of their own natural sexuality. And they have been placed [further] outside DESIRE. It is precisely from this point that I intend to reflect on the above, including reflection on creation with diverse people and on the difficulty of removing social barriers to entry, understanding or enjoying the theatrical work [or not!]



Esther F. Carrodeaguas

Esther F. Carrodeaguas

Esther F. Carrodeguas (Rianxo, 1979) is an actress, director, performer, and a writer. Rianxeira born and bred, her career spans the fields of literature, audiovisual arts and theatre.

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Her style straddles the boundaries between these genres. She holds a degree in Directing and Dramaturgy from ESAD in Galicia, and a degree in Journalism from Santiago de Compostela and Turin universities. Her theatre projects draw heavily on her background in journalism. She was the director of the historic Galician company Teatro Airiños for several years, and after winning the Abrente Award for playwriting in 2015, she decided to set up the professional online platform ButacaZero with Xavier Castiñeira, who typically directs joint projects. She is a member of the Galga de Teatro Journal editorial board and, together with Santiago Cortegoso, co-organises the Galician Dramaturgy Competition (Torneo Galego de Dramaturxia). She currently divides her time between running ButacaZero and working as a playwright, theatre director, teacher and film screenwriter.

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