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Cristina Rojas

Cristina Rojas (Fuengirola, 1978) is an actress, author and director.

She holds a Degree in Dramatic Arts from the Cristina Rota School of Dramatic Arts and a Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Granada. She has studied at the New York Film Academy, William Layton, Escénic@, and RESAD and has worked with J.P. Carrión, A. Fernandes, D. Facal, L. Kemp, A. Hermida, M. Narros, F. Orazi, J. Font and J. Fraga.

She was nominated for Best Leading Actress at the Andalusian Film Awards for Seis y medio and received the Best Actress Award at the Vegas Bajas National Theatre Festival for A bombo y platillo.

Her work Felicidad (co-written, directed and performed by Cristina), published by Acto Primero, was a finalist for the Max Awards for Best New Playwriting and won the Best Show Award at the Castilla y León Theatre Fair, the Best Show Award at Indifest and the Best Staging Award at LaSala-RNE.

Her latest projects include LA PERRA (o la necesidad de ser amado), which she wrote, directed, performed as an actress, designed the costumes and produced, Pesca en agua dulce, Paraíso 63 and La última peli de Woody Allen.

She is also co-founder of tenemos gato.

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