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Cris Balboa

Cris Balboa ,is a Galician creator whose driving force is the scenic presentation of the absurd of the everyday in the search for a generational dialogue using words, action, dance, audiovisuals and music. She investigates the possibility of social and personal transformation through work with narrative elements that oscillate between irony, humour, hedonism and desperation. The basis of her writing is self-portraiture and self-fiction as communicative forms that seek to generate a feeling of identification with the spectator in order to reflect on life from the everyday, placing her body and experience at the centre of the doubt about what we are. She holds a Master’s in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture from UCLM 2017. Her latest creations with her company Funboa Escénica are Technocracia (2020), O que segue (2019), and Masa madre + sal marina (2018).

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