Passes - Centro Dramático Nacional



The passes of the Dramático give you the chance to purchase tickets for several shows at the same time while taking advantage of significant discounts.

The passes are flexible: you can set them up à la carte, choosing the shows, regardless of whether they are at the Teatro María Guerrero or the Valle-Inclán.

You can also buy up to 6 passes in a single purchase .

You can purchase your passes HERE.


The prices and discounts off the normal ticket price will be:


If a person is eligible for any of the social discounts applicable to individual tickets (people over 65 or under 30, people who are legally unemployed, people with a degree of disability of 33% or more, large families or single-parent families), all passes will be at a 50% discount off the single-ticket price.

You can purchase your passes HERE.

#Dramático passes can be purchased online and at our ticket offices at the Valle-Inclán and María Guerrero theatres, except during the month of August, when our ticket offices are closed and tickets are sold exclusively online. The 10 Dramas, 5 Dramas and 3 Dramas passes will be available all season long, and the Drama Total pass until 9 October or while supplies last.


 For any type of pass, you can choose to see the plays on any day during the performance run, except on Tuesday and Thursday of the first week of the run, on opening day, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • The system will automatically select the best seats available for each day you choose (you will not be able to pick the location of the seats).
  • You can buy up to 6 passes in a single purchase: the system will reserve adjacent seats if at all possible.
  • To make it easier to buy tickets, we recommend you prepare a list or calendar with the plays and dates that will make up your pass.
  • Once you purchase the pass and book the plays, the system will output a document with a summary of the tickets purchased.
  • If the seats for a given day are sold out, that day will not be available for selection on the calendar.
  • Excluding the Titerescena, +Dramas and Entre chien et loup shows, which are part of the programming of the Autumn Festival.


  • INAEM Plus Discount Subscribers (also applicable for 10 Dramas): additional 10% discount on the purchase of single seats (maximum two tickets per play) for any show at the INAEM (Centro Dramático Nacional, Teatro de la Comedia, Teatro de la Zarzuela and Auditorio Nacional).
  • Merchandising pack (bag + t-shirt) : you can pick it up at the merchandising stalls in both theatres when you come to see any of the shows on the pass.