Masterclass with Les Impuxibles - Centro Dramático Nacional

Masterclass with Les Impuxibles

Places must be reserved in advance until full capacity is reached. This event is aimed primarily at Dramático Professionals.

How to participate: on the Monday before the event, full details of the booking deadline and telephone number will be emailed to Drama Professionals, members. Places will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

If places are available, attendance will be opened up to the general public.

12 JUNE 2023 from 6 pm to 8 pm


Hybrid creation and art as a loudspeaker for denunciation Les Impuxibles (Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya) share their methodology for creating interdisciplinary pieces, where their respective languages—music and dance—redefine their alliances and relationship with other theatrical codes in search of their own language and style.

They constantly strive to draw attention to social and political issues by staging realities that lack visibility and involve suffering, lack of acceptance and even violence based on a firm belief that highlighting these realities can transform society’s perspective, increase empathy and positively impact the lives of people who experience suffering. Their performances seek to generate a social impact while also serving as a tool for motivation and collective action to bring about change.

By incorporating accessibility resources as part of the creative process, they raise awareness not only as an element of communication but also as a means of artistic expression.


Les Impuxibles

Les Impuxibles

Les Impuxibles is a company born out of the artistic fusion of a pianist and a choreographer. This fusion combines the power of the individual quality of each artist and the harmony of the bond that unites them. Clara and Ariadna Peya —sisters, creators and performers.

View more Les Impuxibles explore a mixture of languages , seeking to fuse music and movement with other disciplines of performing arts. This never-ending exploration has led to the creation of a unique language, through which they remain committed to collaborations and alliances between creators and universes to discover new creative approaches and take their work to the next level.


Due to its social commitment, the company sees a growing need to employ art as a loudspeaker for social protest and change to promote a policy of equality. Les Impuxibles advocate for accessibility in the performing arts as a benefit for all based on the premise that it brings in new audiences and provides a diverse and, therefore, essential perspective.