Introductory Playwriting Workshop - Centro Dramático Nacional

Introductory Playwriting Workshop

For our #Dramático audiences


Aimed at anyone who is not a theatre professional wanting to write their own stories, this workshop is designed to provide the tools needed to give voice to their characters and thoughts. After all, it is through writing and fiction that we come to understand the reality that surrounds us.


In-person: 10 APR – 8 MAY 2023 Online: 11 APR – 9 MAY 2023

Workshop location: 

There are two types (mutually exclusive).

The in-person workshop will be held in the Sala Margarita Xirgu (Teatro María Guerrero, c/ Tamayo y Baus 4, 28004 Madrid) (exclusively).

The online workshop will be delivered remotely via the Zoom platform (exclusively).