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El libro de Sicilia

Pablo Fidalgo

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Price: 10 euros · No. pages: 56 · Collection: New Collection No. in the collection: 10 · Language: Spanish and Italian · Binding: Paperback ISBN: 978-84-9041-426-2 · Year of publication: October 2021 · Place of publication: Madrid, Spain


A rave in an abandoned town. A man and a woman who attend the party. And an encounter with a man who has memories of Gibellina, a town destroyed by an earthquake in 1968. A man who is an island. An entire town on a pilgrimage to rebuild in a different location. And bodies that seek to create memories. And a fertility rite in infertile land.

What can we learn today from the story of Gibellina?

What Mediterranean do we share?





He has published his poetry collections La educación física (2010), Mis padres Romeo y Julieta (2013) and Esto temía, esto deseaba (2017) with the publishing house Pre-textos.

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His other works include the collections of poems La retirada (2012) and Crónica de las aves de paso (2018) (Adonáis Award Runner-up), and El perro en la puerta de la casa (Lilliputienses, 2021). His works for the stage include Tres poemas dramáticos (Liliputienses, 2015), Anarquismos/Daniel Faria (Papeles mínimos, 2019) and Qualcosa nascerà da noi (Self-published, Rome, 2020). In the Galician language, he has published Parangolé (Chan da pólvora, 2019). In addition, he has premiered the plays O estado salvaxe (2013), Habrás de ir a la guerra que empieza hoy (2015), Daniel Faria (2017), Anarquismos (2018) and Qualcosa nascerà da noi (2019). Pablo also ran the Escenas do Cambio Festival in Santiago de Compostela between 2015 and 2020. Finally, he won the 2008 Injuve Theatre Award and the 2012 Injuve Poetry Award.

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